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Local and Foreign Missions

Beulah provides free piano lessons with a teacher from our congregation for all members' children at no cost to the students or their parents in order to provide future musicians to serve God. Regular recitals and participation in some services are ongoing.

Contact Sandra Brown through our email on the "Contact Us" page to request more info.

  • Sunday School classes for all ages are guided by excellent teachers that are gifted for that service.
  • Children's Church begins each Sunday morning after the music portion of our worship. Ages 3 years to 3rd grade. 
  • Our Nursery is clean and efficient with loving workers giving personal attention to each child. Newborns to 3 years.


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Our 11:00 a.m. Sunday service would be described as "blended" using current songs along with old southern gospel favorites and time-honored hymns accompanied by a variety of instruments.   

Since 2009 we have been represented on mission in Ghana, Mexico, Kentucky, New Orleans, Tennessee, New York, Jamaica and China.  We are partners in supporting a non-profit organization in Cleburne County every month to provide many different kinds of help for struggling families.  Every year the month of March is our Missions Month, highlighting special speakers from all types of missionary work. We annually contribute to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. We also give each month to The Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program and at Christmas to Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse.


Our Mission Partners

Vickey Weathers is our Discipleship Program Director. She is married to David Weathers and they have two daughters.

The Bible teaches us through Christ's

"Great Commission" (Matthew 28: 19-20) that Training/Discipleship  is vital for all churches and for every Christian.  Our focus is training Christians about how to grow spiritually in order to train others to do the same. We also have ongoing classes on general Bible study, finances, parenting and marriage.

Use our "Contact Us" link to get more information about our discipleship classes.  

                                      Carrie McWhorter is our Missions Director

                                      ​Everyone is encouraged to serve in this work.                                             We are totally sold out for missions which                                                   encompasses not only financial support but                                               being participants in home and abroad mission                                           projects and teaching the importance of missions to our children. Each year we have special days dedicated totally to missionaries, Children's Mission Conferences and many special ongoing, hands on projects to ultimately share Jesus with our community and the world.  ​Carrie is married to Owen and they have two children, Avery and Stella.

We are very blessed by God to have wonderful men, strong men of faith, hard workers, kind-hearted and helpful.  Several of these have been chosen to serve the church as deacons.  They are:

Owen McWhorter

Ken Moses

David Weathers

Kyle Brown

Tim Brown

Jack Fendley

Tony Clayton

​Stacy Gilbert

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Our people care and love but our ultimate goal is to glorify God in what He puts in our path to do.  As members we are encouraged not to be observers but doers of the Word.   Beulah could be the place for you.  Every believer has a place of service to fill.  We are The Body! All glory and honor and praise be to our God!  Forevermore!

Feeling Hopeless?

Watch one of these short videos to learn how to turn your hopelessness into hope. 

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